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    Alexander Pri the 5th of House Primtomious



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    Alexander Pri the 5th of House Primtomious

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    Primary Information
    Name: Alexander Wren Quintus
    Alias/ Known as: The Noble/Wren
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24 (Looks between 20-30 and used to an advantage in conversation)
    Occupation/ Profession: Government and Politics
    Front Profession: (If Required)
    Home Town:

    Physical Characteristics
    Height: 6 Foot
    Weight: 70kg
    Hair Colour: Dark Brown
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Identifying Marks or features: Scars on body from a failed assassination attempt. (slavers hired by brother to kill me so he can inherit the house)
    Full Description:

    Skills & Blessings
    Alignment Blessing:
    • 1st Blessing: strength increase form drawing the bow (plus 3%)
    • 2nd Blessing: agility increase from fencing/knifework (plus 3%)
    • 3rd Blessing:
    • 4th Blessing:
    • 5th Blessing:
    • 6th Blessing:
    • Ascension:
    Mundane Skills:
    • Skill 1 - Archery (from years of hunting)
    • Skill 2 - Fencing (years of paid training)
    • Skill 3 - knifework
    • Skill 4 - political speaking (father being in the Senate/court)

    Allegiances & Affiliations
    Affiliated Groups: Romans

    Accomplices: Raven (love interest?) person who finds me after my fight the slavers (assassin's) who tend to the wounds suffered

    Enemies: Younger Twin Brother. Working with the general to gain control of the house (twin brother kills father and hires slavers to kill me)

    History/ Biography: Alexander Wren Quintus

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