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    Magic & Mages

    Mages are people whom can tap into the natural forces holding the world and manipulate them to their own ends. Strength in magic is limited by the casters ability to wield it effectively and the mental strain such complex thought processes have on them.

    Elemental Mages are broken into the elements:

    • Fire
    • Water
    • Earth
    • Air

    Mages are only blessed with one element or Affinity, but their ability to use it comes through practice and experience.
    Mages have 3 different levels to their skill, most mages progress from the first rank to the second and finally the third, but it is not unheard of for mages to gain abilities out of order or have unexpected results.

    Ranks/Level of Magic Manipulation

    • Movement - The ability to move the item as if it were being physically touched. Mages can lift much greater amounts and weights of their element with their mind than they could physically.
    • Manipulation - The ability to change the shape, temperature or even the state of matter of the element wielded.
    • Creation & Destruction - Only learned by the greatest of mages, the ability to create their element or destroy it entirely. It is theorised that mages of this calibre actually turn magical essence into their element or break down the element into raw magic

    As well as the above skills they also gain a number of passive abilities that allow them to better magic crafters

    Element Sense - The ability to feel their element around them, unhindered by the line of sight. The range of this sense generally grows as the mages abilities do.
    Magic Sense - The feeling that magic is being manipulated or used around the wielder.
    Partial Immunity - Their own element, whether it is magically imbued or not, will have less of an effect on mages of their element.

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