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    Anywhere Jack


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    Anywhere Jack

    Post by Blannon on Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:20 am

    Primary Information
    Name: Jack
    Alias/ Known as: 'Anywhere' Jack
    Gender: Male
    Age: 48 (But looks closer to mid-twenties due to effect of blessings on aging)
    Occupation/ Profession:Thief (Top Story Man)
    Front Profession: (If Required)
    Home Town: Tye-Coris

    Physical Characteristics
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 65KG
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Slate-Grey
    Identifying Marks or features:Nothing identifying as such, except maybe the mischievous smile.
    Full Description: Jack is lithe and slim, all muscle and bone with no fat to be seen. A throwback to a life of street living. His mid length black hair is unkempt and unruly at best, borderline wild otherwise. Beneath slate-grey eyes, staring out from an almost boyish visage, is a shrewd intellect evidenced by continual survival in the warrens of Tye-Coris' slums. Jack tends towards loose fitting clothes with a fondness towards greys and blacks. A stiff leather waistcoat, also dark grey the only nod towards any form of armour, used more to keep his grapple and chain wrapped around himself and out of sight.  

    Skills & Blessings
    Alignment Blessing: Stealth God
    • 1st Blessing: Deft Hands
    • 2nd Blessing: Night-sight
    • 3rd Blessing: Roof-Dancer Agility
    • 4th Blessing: Critical Fighting.
    • 5th Blessing:
    • 6th Blessing:
    • Ascension:
    Mundane Skills:
    • Skill 1 Card-Shark - Money easily earned gambling
    • Skill 2 Gift of the Gab - C an persuade anyone of anything!
    • Skill 3
    • Skill 4

    Allegiances & Affiliations
    Affiliated Groups: Used to work for the Harbour-Masters, the primary guild out of Tye-Coris. Still has a few contacts there.



    History/ Biography: Jack's first memories are of a hovel somewhere deep in the warrens of Tye-Coris' slums, watched over by the meanest man he had ever met. To this day, no one had overtaken him in that regard. Faegan. The name a curse as far as Jack was concerned. Stories may have differed on how Jack came to be in his... care, but all agreed one thing; Faegan had never been his relative by blood. Not that he had claimed as much, but Jack had been hopeful as a youth.
    Spending his early years worked to the bone and beaten regularly, Jack quickly became the best top-storey man in his whole city. The alternative was a painful, brutal death. Not even on purpose. Faegan just couldn't control his temper and was often too addled to know his own strength.
    What Jack hadn't known, not back then, was that Faegan had used him for years as a source of nontaxable income, making him rich. The way he was found dead, in public, made much more sense now he looked back with that in mind. He had been around sixteen at that point, and had lived on his skills and his wits ever since, trusting to the God of Stealth to keep him safe. It had. For a long time, Jack had amassed and lost the kinds of fortunes Kings would envy. None of it mattered, not really. Jack loved the game more than the winning.

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