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    Delv Carter

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    Delv Carter

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    Primary Information
    Name: Delv Carter
    Alias/ Known as: Carter
    Gender: Male
    Age: 58
    Apparent Age: Late thirties – This is due to the blessing gained throughout his life.
    Occupation/ Profession: Underworld Cleaner – Employed in the services of various factions for internal affairs related assignments.
    Front Profession: Business Owner specialising in recreational establishments.
    Home Town: Ty-Coris (Coastal City of Northern Samurai Territory)
    Physical Characteristics
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 85Kg
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Green
    Identifying Marks or features: Straight scar from below his left eye to his chin.
                      Occasionally has red teeth from his Kleif habit.
    Full Description:
    Short of height and temper, Carter looks the very image of ill repute, known for his wide build and intimidating presence, his broad shoulder and large arms show a life spent dealing pain, while the bow-legged legged swagger shows the grace and dexterity of a fencer. Carter has shadowed eyes, from a prominent brow, a nose broken a few too many times and thin lips. Shaved head and chin give him the impression of a grey stubble mane.
    Carter’s street clothes tend to be half-and-half leather mercenary armour, chased and finished with micro-mail inlets finding the best compromise for his style between defence and speed. Over this, he wears a Grenadiers great coat, ashen grey and chased with black buttons and relief.
    Skills & Blessings
    Alignment Blessing: Bleeding God – Stealth/Combat
    1st Blessing: Deft Hands
    2nd Blessing: Domineering Presence
    3rd Blessing: Continuous Momentum
    4th Blessing: Calm of Chaos
    5th Blessing:
    6th Blessing:
    Mundane Skills:
    Investigative Skills – During his time as a Cleaner Carter had to learn to how to follow trails of all kind.
    Wildcard Combat – Carter has had to fight to stay alive nearly his whole life, it's taught him things you can’t learn in the military of combat school.
    Own Medicine – Carter spent a long time in the Cells at the Brigg, the gentle touchers there trying to break him during his confinement. Pain has never been the same to him since.
    Allegiances & Affiliations
    Affiliated Groups:
    History/ Biography:

    Early Life

    Carter was raised in one of the many orphanages within Ty-Coralis, on the edge of the Damp Slums was a house that would ensure all children had a roof and a little something to eat if nothing else. The orphanage wasn't much just a few of the older clergy men and women running a small building but should anyone ever bring trouble to the House then they would find dozens of angry children and quite probably half of the Damp Slums ready to resolve the trouble.

    It was while he was living here that he found his way into the underworld of Ty-Coralis, as with slum boy in every city, he fell in with a gang, the Bay Street Bandits, a motley collection of a few dozen children ranging from small and sickly to man sized; these operated in a similar fashion to the real guilds that ran the streets. It was in this life that Carter learnt to not be seen, how to take a coin purse without being and noticed and how to defend himself.

    There were many years of this and between the security of the House and the pack mentality of near feral children had made him a kind of home.

    The Cutters

    Once he was too old to run with the Bandits any longer he'd already started doing some side work as muscle with the Common-Cutters, one of the biggest crews in Ty Coralis and had the most connections within the constabulary. It was under the careful tutorage of Arms and Roughs in this crew that went from surviving to fighting, The Cutters weren't known for their intelligence or even their aggression, they were known for their brutality and Carter was eager to learn.

    It was nearly a decade of running with the Cutters, he stayed with them till their end. There'd been a lot of trouble between the Cutters and the Harbour Masters, for a long time, it seemed that the Cutters were getting the worst of it too. Wherever the Cutters and Carter tried to Ambush, it was turned around on them, if they had a score - it was switched with a fake. This was driving everyone insane as there was only one possible solution a Traitor. In the intervening years Carter had managed to progress from a basic Arm or Rough into an Enforcer and he and his team were sent to find and attend to this Traitor by any means.

    What followed was 3 months of the hardest investigation Carter has ever had; the entire time the Cutters ranks were thinner and thinner whether it was from combat or desertion. When finally the team and tracked down the Traitor it was only to discover that the head of the Cutters themselves had had this all planned from the beginning and had been working with the Masters - as part of the agreement for him join their side he had to help dismantle his own guild. Carter managed to exact his revenge he and his team cutting his way through the Cutter and a few of his friends but not before the guard showed up.

    The Brigg

    The Brigg is the biggest prison operated by the Roman empire, Thirty miles off shore and cut into a pinnacle of rock that seems to leap from the Waves, the Brigg is where only those deemed too violent for work or too deranged for the public to see go. It wasn't a prison as much as somewhere they send you to die. Carter's life in this place is not worth mentioning, every crumb was fought for and every sleep disturbed. They took 5 years of his life in that hole in the rock, The only person who knows how he got out is Jack, and Jack isn't daft enough to discuss it.

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